take the high road

i feel a little disappointed with myself because i reacted to someone in a way i never should have, and i stooped to a level so low that shame started to creep in, and i know i'm better than that.

usually, when people are power tripping and needing so bad to prove that they are greater than everyone else, there's a deep rooted insecurity within them that they haven't yet faced, or are too scared to. basically, i gave an eye for an eye, and when you do that, everyone goes blind.

lesson: take the high road and be the better person. instead, react with love, kindness and understanding, even if it means silence.

ideas in bloom

headed up to san francisco in a few days with ten disposable cameras in tow. i've been wanting so badly to get back to using film again, but i can't decide which camera i want, so i'm resorting to disposable ones for now. five of these ten cameras will end up in the hands of my friends. the results will be posted here, assuming i get them all back.

i'm excited about this, and i can't wait to see what they capture.

a note to self:

“The negative thoughts you hold onto are like garbage.”

so basically, don't bring garbage with you wherever you go.

et un plus.

"tinctured with the secret light"

"Do you want to move and breathe amidst infertile chaos where nothing makes sense and no one really loves anyone? Then speak with unconscious carelessness, expressing yourself lazily. Constantly materialize and entertain angry thoughts in the privacy of your own imagination, beaming silent curses out into eternity. 

Or would you prefer to live in a realm that's rich with fluid epiphanies and intriguing coincidences and mysterious harmonies? Then be discerning and inventive in how you speak, primed to name the unexpected codes that are always being born right in front of your eyes. Turn your imagination into an ebullient laboratory where the somethings you create out of nothings are tinctured with the secret light you see in your dreams of invisible fire."