sketch party for one

I remember hearing horrible stories about a certain art school here in L.A. There was a teacher who set his student's project on fire during a critique to teach him not to get too attached to his work. I don't know how effective that was or if it was even true, but I know that if a professor did that to me, I would set his pants on fire 'cause he's a liar! It's a pretty extreme, and maybe even pretentious, act. I mean, do you really have to commit arson to teach someone a lesson? That's a felony!

Where am I going with this?

Ah, yes. Do you sketch or draw? I love to except when I do, it takes me almost the same amount of time it takes a great artist to paint... forever. And it's not even a good sketch or drawing. I, by no means, label or consider myself an "artist," but when I've watched my friends sketch on their moleskins, it always makes me want to try harder. Sadly, it never got to a point where I love it so much that I did something about it. Or maybe I get frustrated and lose patience when I can't get something to look a certain way. I need to work on that, I know. There are certainly the basics, like everything is a shape, and if you know anatomies well, drawing should be easy peas for you. If I had the motivation and patience, I would absolutely immerse myself in this more.

All of this still exists. None of it was burned: