I'd say the majority of my vacation involved seeing a lot of water, floating on water, paddling on water, and getting drenched on by water. I also went canoeing for the first time in my life. Word of advice: if you weigh 110-115 lbs, don't go canoeing by yourself when the winds-are-a-blowin' and the rain-is-a-comin'! The wind swept me and my canoe towards a bridge heading out to a river that started somewhere in Canada and probably ended somewhere in Montana. It was pretty embarrassing when the lady in charge of the canoes had to yell to me to paddle away from the bridge in front of a bunch of people standing on the bridge. Whatever, it was still so much fun.

These were taken in San Francisco though, not Canada.
Boats are pretty little big things, even the ones that have been through rough waters.