it lives!

the year couldn't have gotten off to a better start!

if a plant surviving after months of neglect is not a good sign, then I don't know what is.

I was gifted an orchid last year and while I tried to take care of it, it died. or so I thought. I threw it off to the side and said I'd clean it up later. a few months passed when only after a few days after the new year, I saw that the bulbs were still green. I was so surprised because it had been so long that they'd been thrown off, uncared for. so I replanted it and ever since, it's been growing FAST! even the day after replanting, it started to grow! I watch it get taller every. single. day. I'm so amazed!!! it's exciting because, aside from the cacti I have, which don't really need that much care, I've never had a plant that survived. I don't care that certain plants have a tendency to "die" and then bloom again. to me, this is monumental. there isn't anything as gravely symbolic as a plant sprouting (that is mine, that is my own) a day after repotting and many months of neglect. I saw this as a sign of renewal, or a rebirth, as my friend mariko, put it. but yea, some people may laugh at the silliness of my amazement, but I'm not taking this lightly. this has a deeper meaning to me than what I'm saying here.

 these were taken only 16 days apart...