settle + explore

finally settled in berkeley. berkeley feels more like home than san francisco, which is where i'd initially wanted to move to, but the population boom and the traffic/parking situation out there can probably drive me nuts. plus, berkeley reminds me of my neighborhood in los angeles, atwater village, which i am still so very much in love with.

one thing i keep forgetting about the bay area, is how small it is. when i'm trying to get somewhere, i'm dumbfounded at how close everything is. i seriously can just walk within a 5-mile radius and get to most of the places i need to get to.

i went for a light hike the other day through tilden. this is lake anza. that last one is overlooking a part of the san pablo reservoir. i read that in the 1800s, there were nothing but wildflowers covering those fields. how awesome would it be if those wildflowers were still there?

i can't wait to do more hikes and explorations. friends have already made plans on going to yosemite and i've already agreed to run a 6-hour race. not entirely sure about the latter yet, but it's a no-pressure run so it could be fun.