ally mobbs

turntablism for the hard of hearing
"harmonic motion (a harmonograph turntable drawing machine) Turntablism is the art of manipulating recorded sound using direct drive turntables. Inspired by the concept of a harmonograph (a drawing machine using pendulums to create geometric Lissajous curves) this installation utilizes two turntables working in unison to produce an evolving image. Although an analog process, the resulting drawings have a digital and mathematical quality to them and are also reminiscent of sound waves, in this case sine waves, viewed on an oscilloscope. The drawings can be further manipulated by manually adjusting the pitch controls of each turntable as they rotate."


jetske visser

"Jetske uses her work to reveal the things that lie beneath the surface. She turns subjects that are rarely discussed into something tangible, from an awareness in which mankind and nature are paramount."