this is a bit overdue because i've been "distracted".

anyway, i always think that when you're with good company, the food always tastes better. came through for a visit a few weeks ago, which meant i got to eat, and eat well.

some of the places we visited:
gregoire's, outerlands, the mill, dandelion chocolate, trouble coffee, ici, tartine

i want to try every single dish at outerlands. gregoire's was superb. the mill: i would like my coffee made everyday by the barista that made my coffee that day. also, i didn't think i'd ever pay $7 for toast, but i did. it wasn't as good as the toast at trouble coffee, but the coffee at the mill, the coffee!!

i've had chocolate from dandelion, so i tried the frozen hot chocolate. it was a dose of creamy, rich, cold chocolate goodness that day. i think i downed it in less than 15 minutes.