create space

i think i deleted a post about getting back into yoga. i'm a month back into it and i started feeling the difference after a week. the body's muscle memory is incredible to me. yoga is harder to spring back from compared to running as far as my body and mind are concerned. you go through the first few days of soreness, but i don't think i get it as bad with running as i do with yoga. with running, i attain a healthy shape. it keeps the bad weight off, puts on muscle, and tests my endurance. it is the ultimate exercise for my body and mind type and none other works better for me on an overall level. yoga, on the other hand, doesn't keep the bad weight off as good as running does. however, it does tone my muscles, and is something i need to calm myself from the constant "pounding" of running. it helps that "gentle" part of you to be explored and exposed. it's all about balance, you know? and this kind of balance is what works for me. in yoga, when those muscles start to get loose and flexible again, it feels really great. like really, really great. my favorite yoga poses are hip-openers, inversions, and arm balances. i get really excited when the teacher mentions any of those poses during class, or even through a video at home. i am not as flexible as other yoga enthusiasts (due to injuries), but i'm strong, or can be, so anything that concerns challenges in strength is where i'm at. just remember to breathe. inhale to create space, exhale to go deeper.

what about you? what do you do to let go? what do you get excited about when it comes to physical challenges? what gets you motivated?