mon derrière et un cheval

I went horseback riding and it hurt. I am of the asian persuasion lacking in the tubbiness of the posterior, so I can safely say that the absence of the badonkadonk gene, did not help when my horse Dickson... Dixon... whatever, galloped through the rough terrain. it was like I was taken on a most turbulent boney-butt-ride-crashing-against-the-rock-hard-saddle-from-hell on a horse that was sweet and chill and lovely. I was going back and forth from wanting to curse the universe to feeling adoration for a horse. It was exhausting! My inner thighs were sore the next day from having to brace every step. It didn't stop me from having fun, though. It was a really, really great experience and I am now in love with horses. I would risk my butt bones and do it again in a heartbeat.

(that horse is not Dickson/Dixon)