infinitely impermanent

it's 7:13 pm on nov 11 and you know what i'm thinking about? you know what just hit me so hard that not even my belief in it this whole time could have prepared me for its weight? it's that nothing is permanent. you thought it was something grave, didn't ya?

in this case, it's the people, the friends, the lovers... the thoughts you shared, the feelings you expressed, the words exchanged, the memories you made... perhaps the kisses, the touching... in a mere second, it disappears. gone, like none of it really happened, like none of it really mattered.

is it sad that this is the thought that occurs in my head when i'm being introduced to people? or this is what i'm thinking about the new friends i've made? what's the point of telling each other about ourselves or sharing experiences or stories...? because at the end of the day, none of it will really matter. friends become distant. lovers come and go. people appear and disappear... it's almost like i expect it.

granted i'm not great at keeping in touch, i've known and understood this at a young age to be a part of life, that this is the way it's supposed to be. i can only wish, though, that there was someone, or something, to be there until our last seconds on earth together...