go outside

isn't it funny how social media's initial intention was to try to keep one in touch with his/her friends and family, to share experiences, to keep up to date of whatever one's interests are, to try to connect with one another, etc... however, for me, it's reached a point where i want to detach, log off, unfollow, unlike, fall off the radar... its intention has become the opposite for me. i'm pretty sure i'm overwhelmed with information i don't really need to see, hear, read, know, etc., but i'm also pretty sure that there's a sort of temporary joy in garnering attention that we start to rely on. truth is, this kind of shallow attention gets old. it has made me not want to be found, to want to distance myself. i longed to connect with friends and family that i can't be face-to-face with. i thought these apps/networking sites/whatever were the solutions, but the innate desire to connect through smell, touch, sight, words, to be in the presence of a human being familiar to me, has turned me off to these things.