i'm going to share something i've kept to myself until only recently. i share it only because i've gotten really great, helpful responses, suggestions, and even questions about it that made me think about some of the things in it, from both male and female friends.

i made a list of what i would ideally want in a man about three years ago as a reminder/guide to myself after having failed attempts at dating/relationships. the list has changed and will continue to do so over time, end eventually become non-existent when i'm 80 and alone. also, since the first question every person has asked is, "what if he doesn't possess some of these qualities/traits/characteristics, is it a deal-breaker?" of course not. i'm completely aware that a man who fulfills this list completely, doesn't exist, hence the title, "DREAM MAN?" i have to be flexible and open when getting to know someone, and even being in a relationship with him...

let me cringe for a second before you read the list, because i feel like this is exposing a lot of me, but is also something i really want to share.

aaaand GO!