macaROONs, pas macaRONs

on a high fat diet...

also macaRONs, pas macaROONs

i'm not used to posting pictures of food because i'm not good at it and just because i don't like to and it's not my style... i don't consider myself a foodie nor do i even care for that term, but there are certain foods i love that are bad for me. in addition, i'm semi-lactose intolerant but i will eat cheese and ice cream/gelato regardless. i'm also going through a weird coconut phase right now, hence the macaroons. also also, people, please know the difference between macaROONS and macaRONS. i'm anal like that. the macaroons, by the way, is from proof bakery, one of my favorites in atwater village.

ice cream not pictured (because i ate it all).