practice, practice, practice

I was surprised the other day when I walked into yoga and my favorite teacher was there, sitting on a stool and said to me, "Mae, how long have you been doing yoga? I was going to tell you last night before you left that you have gotten so strong." She has told me this a few times during class and thought it was just shallow motivation, but it's never meant so much to me until she told me personally, that very moment. I then thanked her for so much that I've learned in the 50+ days I've been attending through her guidance and motivation. It felt great to have mutual gratitude for one another.

Still, to this day, I'm surprised of all the things I've been able to do and all of the things I've learned about myself. I remember seeing students do these awkward and crazy poses in class and think, "Holy shit, that looks scary and I don't think I'm capable of that." So you try and it doesn't happen. It doesn't feel right. You let yourself rest for a couple of days, try again and all of a sudden, there you are. When you let go of the "I can't," you'd be surprised. It was all in my mind. It makes me think back to all the times I said "I can't," and think "Could I have?" As I've said before, when you allow the mind to be open and strong, it will happen. Being physically able to accomplish the poses are a huge factor, but your body will not if your mind does not. When you find that balance and your body is saying, "Yes, this feels right," then you know you all of you is in sync. It's taken a lot of patience and plenty, plenty of practice. Plenty. Of. Practice. And it's all been worth it.

Note: I know I've been talking about yoga a lot lately. It's just really exciting to me to have these accidental discoveries about myself. None of it is a coincidence, though, as I'm sure it's also probably been trying to find me.

Be prepared for the next post because it will be about my favorite feminine products.