"The profound scent of fritos, sweat, and wet socks wafts through Bikram's musty, 105 degree enclosed den."

This is what went through my mind when I first stepped into the damp, stank room on my first day of Bikram yoga. I thought it would take a few minutes to get used to the smell, but it took all 90-minutes of class. Actually, I didn't get used to it. I just had to tolerate it.

Bikram was hard. The heat, man. The 105 degree heat! The flow of poses is something I also need to get used to. Being on your feet/hands + knees then down on your back to savasana then back up again... I remember thinking, "Can't we stay in savasana for like 2 minutes?"  There's no downward-facing dog or child's pose here, which is what I usually do when I need to get my back to my breath. I needed to do that a few times, especially when I started to feel lightheaded and my vision got cloudy. Yea, I almost fainted, but that's probably better than vomiting. There also isn't any quiet time for consciousness of breath/meditation in the beginning and end of class. I've grown accustomed to doing it that way. At about an hour into the 90-minute class, I was already done and wanting it to be over, but that was only my first time. I'm going to give it more chances to see if I can get used to it, or at least concentrate on the good of it than the difficulty.