bakasana to mukta hasta sirsasana a WUT?!

today is day 30 of my 30-day yoga immersion/challenge... i still get sore. i'm pretty sore right now, actually. there is still the concentration on my breathing and clearing the head that i need to work on. that has been the hardest part for me. the mind is too strong. anything physical is much easier for me. mind always over matter, except when it's the mind working against itself, it's pretty difficult. do you ever find times when you feel like your mind is fighting with itself? that's me during "prayer" in yoga and pretty much anything to do with life, except when the heart steps in and wants to take lead then all hell breaks loose. set it on fire, drop it from the sky, stab it with a fork, forget about it! um, let's move on... physically, i'm pretty surprised at what i've been able to do. though not perfect, i can get into crow pose and transition into a headstand tripod. it happened by accident when the teacher/guide/whatever asked a student to show us how to properly do it. i attempted it and nailed it and have been practicing it everyday. it's easier to do headstands alone, but transitioning to or from it is challenging.

anyway, i'm enrolling myself in bikram yoga for another 30-day challenge. again, i'm up for it. that is, until i either pass out or vomit or do both during class. yay.