Hike #2,354. Nah, I exaggerate. I have been doing a ton amount of hiking lately, though. If I'm ever missing, look for me on the way up to some mountain, dry heaving. Or maybe on the way down, falling from having tripped on my own feet.

My friend Tiffany, little Benson, and I braved the heat and hiked up Arroyo Seco. It actually wasn't bad considering it was cloudy a part of the way up and shady on most parts. I've been through hotter hikes which makes me wonder why I do such things to myself. The trails are shared with mountain bikers and with some being narrow, I'd panic a little when I would hear one coming, but they'd always warn us when there was another trailing behind them. At some point, we stopped to rest amidst some tall grass and we startled a guy. He fell off his bike, but he was a trooper about it despite the bruised ego. Everyone was polite and friendly nonetheless.

I've never gone mountain biking, but like so many other things, I'd like to try it sometime.