pot class. POTTERY class, I mean. pottery.

enrolled myself in a pottery class to get back to the things I enjoyed doing when I was young. I was about 13 or 14 when I took a ceramics class and remember wanting to create so many things. alas, I just wasn't motivated enough and a lot of unused clay went to waste. this time, though, I get to use the wheel, which for me, has been difficult. the only experience I had with clay was sculpting it, not throwing it on a wheel, centering, coning, pulling, trimming, etc. it looks so easy when you see someone else doing it. even the way you sit on the chair is important. and you need muscle. but really, though, it's a feeling, much like anything and everything else. I'm patiently waiting for that feeling to finally hit me and still figuring out which techniques are best as everyone wheel throws differently.

these are some things people have made in the studio and some small bowls I made that are ready to be fired! I keep wanting to make bigger bowls, but small bowls for now–better for portion control. hashtag wink emoji.