juillet, ou as tu?!

where did july go?! seriously, like a blur, like being on the edge of tipsy and drunk, but still coherent enough to keep your shit together...

ah, so many things happened last month, but i tackled, and am still tackling. i always think that for every good thing that happens, something disappointing or difficult must come with it. balance, you know? a friend said that these things come in threes. i'm being patient with the more difficult hurdles, but i'm definitely grateful for all the great people that i've crossed paths with and the good things that have come my way. i'm surprised that i've not broke down and cried, or crawled to the top of a mountain and just. let. it. out. spiritual, emotional, mental cleansing coming soon, yet to be determined. when things settle. when things settle. just a deep breath and taking some time in between for clarity have helped ease these crazy moments. oh, and having the support of friends, new and old, near and far, have helped tons.

if these things in life never presented themselves, i don't think i'd realize how resilient i was, or even, we are. each time, bigger, better, stronger.