how august tried to run me over and leave me for critters to munch on!

oh, but no! when life presents you with challenges that suck the life out of you, some people fight, some people run away. for me, it's neither fight nor flight. it's fight, then flight. when you've given your all for the things worth fighting for and realize at some point that it can't be won, then you must accept the circumstances. it's not surrendering, giving up, or waving a white flag. essentially, it's realizing that what you've got left in you is not worth giving anymore to what will never amount to anything. i definitely could have fought more, but it just wasn't worth it. self-preservation, you know? why waste energy on something that will only have negative outcomes? and on the bright side, i believe things happen for reasons. usually, negative situations result in positives. that's the only way to think about challenging situations if one really wants to move past them.